About Maple Syrup

The Farm Pantry is located in a century heritage building in the quaint village of St. Jacobs, Ontario.  

The Farm Pantry features some of Ontario's finest gourmet foods, unique giftware and kitchen gadgets, along with our specialty - Waterloo Region's sweetest maple syrup.   Our famous syrup is harvested the old fashioned way and is locally produced from the rich hardwood sugar bushes of Waterloo Region in Southern Ontario.

In the early days of spring, the sap of the maple trees begins to run.  Drop by drop, the crop is collected in pails, just as it was 100 years ago.  In some sugar bushes today, sap may run through plastic tubing criss-crossing on the snow to an efficient modern oil fired evaporator. Techniques in this industry are slowly changing.

Weather is a crucial factor in the production of maple syrup.  Ideal conditions occur when warm, sunny days follow freezing nights.  Unfavourable weather affects both the quaility and quantity of the syrup produced.

Maple sap, which is about 97% water, is condensed into maple syrup through the evaporation process.  It takes 30 to 40 litres of sap to yield one litre of maple syrup.

The flavour and colour of maple syrup develops as the sap bubbles in the evaporator.  The colour of the syrup can be used as an indicator of flavour.  That is why Canada Dark is recommended for use in cooking.

In early spring, one can always enjoy the delights and camaraderie of people from city and country at a maple syrup festival.  The jingle of sleigh bells, the hay rides, the aroma of pancakes and maple syrup bring tens of thousands of visitors to these events across the province.  At the end of the season, the "sugaring off" takes place.  Maple syrup, heated to 114.5C (235F), is poured on clean snow instantly yielding the most wonderful taffy in the whole world!


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